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Hygiene Solution

The introduction of the effortless cleansing way of life for the elderly.

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“Installation instructions were included in the box and were very simple to follow, took me less than 30 minutes!”
“Finally, just gave in and ordered the BA-4500. Now my only regret is that I have waited so long to buy one!”
Mike B.
“My elderly dad needed something like this product to help him out, so I got him one and it works like a charm!”
“Ordered two and they work like a charm. My parents use it and I am happy my kids do too.”
“We used to have them in Europe next to our toilet. Cool alternative! Does the same job if not better”
“It’s the best and cleans very thorough. I’m very impressed and will be recommending your product to everyone I know!”

Bidet Inc. Presents

The Hygiene Solution for the Elderly

As a caregiver to an elderly loved one, you know of how difficult it can be to achieve a balanced relationship of helpfulness and independence between the two of you. It can be a struggle for seniors to have to come to terms with the fact that they may need help, especially when using the washroom. This is where a bidet attachment might help! Bidet Inc’s attachment provides comfort and ensures proper cleanliness after a bowel movement, while providing them with independence and privacy.

The BA-4500

With the Bidet Inc. BA-4500 attachment, users enjoy a hygienic and safe cleaning experience, while helping our environment through a significant reduction in toilet paper and flushable wipes consumption.

Bidet Inc. BA-4500 Bidet Attachment

The New Standard Of Comfort

Innovation in the user’s wrist.

Features include self-cleaning dual nozzles, non-electric temperature and pressure controls, allowing you to safely adjust the stream of water to your personal preference. The bidet attachment can easily be installed on your toilet with simple step-by-step instructions. Following evacuation, the stream of water cleans the user’s behind giving them a refreshing cleaning experience. It provides its users with the most efficient way of improving user’s personal hygiene, every single day.

Help us plant 10 trees for every Bidet Attachment sold !

Our partner Trees for the Future are a non-profit organization that plants trees in developing countries, enabling rural areas to produce food and increase the standard of living for local residents.

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